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ISO-8583 SDK 3 for Java developer license

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Additional information:
Developer license is primarily for institutions or individuals who need the SDK to develop their custom software.
The developer license permits development and testing within 
institutution and additionally to deploy one server application on 
one server and up to three client application on three computers for production.
If You need commercial licenses to deploy more servers or clients 
or distribute SDK with Your software You must obtain commercial 
Ask commercial license offer from us by 
mentioning the estimated quantities of licenses required.

Standard licenses for commercial deployments:
Servers 1..5 EUR 199 /server
Servers 6..10 EUR 129 /server
Servers 10+ EUR 99 / server
5 Server pack EUR 499

Clients 1..5 EUR 59 /client
Clients 6..10 EUR 39 /client
Clients 10+ EUR 19/client
10 Client pack EUR 199
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