iPAY is an e-commerce software package designed especially for internet online credit card payments. It can handle both online authorisations and transaction data capture processing.
iPAY is based on ISO8583 and uses special libraries (our ISO8583 SDK) which makes package very dynamic and open to any customisation. The package is fully coded in java which makes it portable to use with moust operating systems. iPAY uses 3-tier tehnology including HTML forms, HTTP with SSL, Java Servlet technology in front end and SQL server and custom network encryption software/VPN at the back end. Whole package follows OO design.

The real iPAY advantage is high security that enables that credit card payment data processing will be done only at processor or bank premises and therefore eliminates merchant e-shop system risk to be vulnerable to hackers seeking credit card data. Credit card data is directly submitted by customer to secure system at bank or processor premises, merchant will send digitally the order information to iPAY that will enable internet customer to submit the order payment for processing. In return iPAY will give digitally signed payment receipt that will confirm the order payment to merchant system. This also eliminates possible merchant abuse of customer credit card information or merchant fraud because merchant is unable to use credit card data for transaction without customer interaction.
So iPAY will provide savings on security required at e-merchant site and also boost sales of smaller and not so well known e-shops that may have less trust from customers but they trust the well known trusted processor or bank.

iPay 5.2.x supports Merchant Plugin functionality of VISA ThreeDSecure and MasterCard SecureCode and is tested and approved both by VISA and MasterCard.

Availability - iPAY is available since March 2000.

Demo - check it out from demosite at Pankade Kaardikeskus (Card Center of Banks).

Documentation - browse iPAY documentation.

Buy It - check it out the prices and buy iPAY packages.

Current iPAY technology users:
- SEB Bank
- Pankade Kaardikeskus (Card Center of Banks)
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