GlobalStore is an global webshop application with shopping cart and basic order processing including online credit card payments via iPayServlet (at processor) and more.

  • Shopping cart/order processing
  • Product search, group browsing
  • Multiple languages and multiple currencies
  • Translation through admin web interface
  • Automatic email to customer support and to customer (order notification)
  • Online credit card and other online payment links
    • Estonian Pangalink (U-Net, Hansa, Sampo)
    • iPay credit card gateway (Pankade Kaardikeskus)
    • Luottokunta Finland credit card payment link (DPS)
    • cart link (retailer, cc payments)
    • Nordea Finland Solo link
    • Sampo Finland Web Payment Service
    • OP/OKO Bank Group Finland payment link ( kultaraha )
    • ChronoPay credit card payment link
  • Customer/account registration
  • Customer order history
  • Discounts: promotion coupons (for campaigns), fixed customer discounts
  • Shipping: calculation of shipping based weight and country
  • Sales/VAT tax calculation, multiple vat rates, major EU VAT cases
  • Administration: order tracking/management, user management, languages, translations, groups, etc
  • User interface is based on XML/XSLT so customized look and feel is easy to be added
  • Menu management
  • Administration of static pages
  • Export of orders to xml or HansaRaama compatible file
  • Create mailing list of registered users
  • Integration support for iDevAffiliate marketing software
  • Additional existing features
    • Electronic subscription services (password generation and authentication service)
  • Static content management (wysiwyg)  since version 2.x
  • Express checkout without registration
  • Integration with directo accounting software (import products, customers, send orders)
  • Additional features on request depending on Your special case
  • Start Your e-business tomorrow
  • It's also highly recommended to have agreement with bank and/or credit card processor to accept credit card payments as most customers prefer to shop using credit card because of less risk, more security and also higher trust of merchants accepting credit cards

Some design/layout examples:

System requirements:
  • Webserver with Java (J2EE - jsp/servlet) support (Apache tomcat4.1+ or any other)
  • JDBC supported database (MySQL4.1+, Oracle or other, with UTF-8 and CLOB, BLOB support)

Some admin interface screen shots:

Product admin
Menu admin screen
Product groups admin screen
Translation admin screen

Our GlobalStore is here.

The test demo of GlobalStore is here.

The user documentation can be found here
The XLS-UX guide can be found here here

This product includes software developed by the Cryptix Development Team (

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